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David John Talor



History of the Artist
The artistic career of David John Talor has combined the creation of visual, dramatic and performance art with the teaching of literature, art, and music.
Talor’s extensive involvement with visual and performing art began professionally at the University of Cambridge, where from 1984 to 1990 he taught and researched English Literature. He painted privately and exhibited in University galleries throughout the 1980s, but while at Cambridge was particularly involved in drama and performance art, performing at the Edinburgh Festival in 1991.



In 1961, Talor was born in Cardiff, Wales, UK
In 1984, he graduated from the English Department in English Literature and Art History from the University of Reading. 
In 1987, he assisted with the installation of an exhibition of Monoprints by the Russian modernist Naum Gabo at the Kettle’s Yard Gallery in Cambridge. 
Also at the Kettles Yard Gallery, in 1986 he performed live experimental art music with German artist A.R. Penck.
Talor returned to Wales in 1990 to paint and write about film and Welsh culture for the British Film Institute, publishing On the Black Hill, a commentary on the film.
In 1993, Taylor left the UK to teach English Literature at the University of Kyushu, and to study Japanese theatre and aesthetics. Throughout the 1990s in Fukuoka, Talor concentrated on creating his ‘extended line’ technique for acrylic paint and an overall minimalist style, while also concentrating on live performance as a singer and guitarist.
Talor began teaching English Literature, Language and Culture at the University of Tokyo in 2006, establishing a website for his art career in 2011 and having his first solo exhibition in Tokyo at the Gallery 88 Omotesando. This exhibition exhibited a collection of paintings in which Talor demonstrated his ‘aim to capture specific moments of human life, such as the human body in motion or performing actions which often contain unexpected elements of change’. 
In 2012, Talor created a large-scale office installation Horizontal Lines – a major office painting - for the British art collector Nicholas Griffiths in Cardiff, Wales.
In 2012, Talor exhibited with JCAA, (Japan Contemporary Art Association) in New York City.
In July 2013, Talor exhibited as part of a group exhibition at the Ando Gallery, Shibuya, Tokyo.
In August 2013, Talor exhibited again with JCAA in 2013 in Ginza, Tokyo at the 38th Artex-Tokyo, wining the Prix Special.