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1953  Born in Tokyo
1977  Left Musashino Art University (Majored in sculpture)
1979  Engaged in research, editing and publishing on city planning (〜1982)
1989  Stayed in Florence, Italy

Solo Exhibitions

1977  Shirakaba Gallery, Tokyo
1978  Shirakaba Gallery, Tokyo
1979  Institute of Contemporary Art, Tokyo
1980  Kaneko Art Gallery, Tokyo
1982  Ginza Kaiga-kan, Tokyo
1984  Ginza Kaiga-kan, Tokyo
1989  “Drawings of Belvedere”, Nabis Gallery, Tokyo
1993  Art Space Niji, Kyoto
1994  Gallery Gen, Tokyo
1995  “Belvedere”, Art Space Niji, Kyoto
1997  GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
   ”Five Works of Belvedere”, Art Space Niji, Kyoto
   “Sound and Prayer−Painting as a Life”, Souma Gallery, Ibaraki
1998  GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2000  “Belvedere=Painting”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
       “To Set Eyes on〈Seeing〉”, Gallery αM, Tokyo
2001  “Formation of Belvedere”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2002  “Belvedere o Vista”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
       “The Whereabouts of Art−the third term”, Gallery SAZA, Ibaraki
2003  “Recent Works of Belvedere”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2004  “Belvedere” GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
       “Acrylic Paintings in the 1980s”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
       “ONE”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2006  “Belvedere 2004-2006”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2007  “'70s、'80s、'90s、'00s”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2008  “Counterpoint”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2009  “REALITY and ILLUSION”, Art Works Gallery, Ibaraki
2010  “For Belvedere”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2011  “Belvedere-Recent Works”, GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2013  “DUO” GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo
2014  “Naomi Futaki・In Quest of the Outlook−with Hoan Kosugi”, Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Tochigi
2015  “Outlook and Structure” GALERIE ANDO, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
1977  “nit・Joint・Produce”, Muramatsu Gallery, Tokyo
1978  “Out of Scrum”, Kanagawa Prefectural Gallery, Kanagawa
1993  “Contemporary Art from Galleris '93”, Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka
1999  “An Overview of Contemporary Japanese Painting”, Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo
2005  “ART in CASO 2005”, Contemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka
    ”A Perspective of Painting−What is the Beauty of Contemporary Art?”, Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
2006  “Monochrome of Eight Artists“, Art Works Gallery, Ibaraki
2007  “MIKAMI Makoto+FUTAKI Naomi−Substance/Painting”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2008  “ART OSAKA 2008”, Dojima Hotel, Osaka
       “1st Small Format”, Gallery Terashita, Tokyo
2009  “The Place where Light meets Light”, Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
2010  “Collection 2−Focus on Recent Acquisitions”, The National Museum of Art, Osaka
2012  “ANDO SESSION-1 Drawing”, Galerie Ando, Tokyo
2013  “ANDO SESSION-4 Sensibility to Colors”, Galerie Ando, Tokyo
2014  “ANDO SESSION-7 Dream Box”, Galerie Ando, Tokyo
2015  “Perspective Exhibition−Line”, Galerie Ando, Tokyo
2016  “Collection a la carte 2016”, Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Tochigi

Public Collection

The National Museum of Modern Art,  Fuchu Art Museum,  The National Museum of Art,
Kosugi Hoan Museum of Art, Sendai Airport

1999  “An Overview of Contemporary Japanese Painting”, Tokyo Station Gallery, Tokyo