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     KOTAKI Masamichi    小滝 雅道 



1961 Born in Tokyo , JAPAN
1984 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
1986 Completed Master's Program, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
1989 Completed Doctor's Program, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
1999 Granted 5th Freeman Fellowship to Stay in Vermont, U.S.A

One-Person Exhibitions
1988 Ginza Surugadai Gallery, Tokyo
1989 Art Museum, Tokyo National University of Fine Art and Music
1990 Gallery Natsuka, Tokyo('94.'00.'02.'11)
1991 Nabis Gallery, Tokyo
1992 Wacoal Ginza Art Space, Tokyo
1993 Entrance Gallery of Hayami Institute of Arts, Kanagawa
Gallery Aries, Tokyo
1995 Gallery SK, Tpkyo
1996 Tamaya Gallery, Tokyo
1997 Bath House Studio, Kanagawa('00.'03.'12)
1998 Exhibition Space, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo
1999 Art Gallery Kankankyo, Tokyo('01.'08.'12)
Vermont Studio Center Red Mill Gallery, U.S.A
2000 Kitakamakura Gallery NEST, Kanagawa
2005 Kouzome Art Gallery, Tokyo
2006 Galerie ANDO, Tokyo
2009 Court Gallery Kunitachi, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
1992 [Hisho] Tamaya Gallery, Tokyo('93.'94.'98)
1996 [Philip Morris Art Award 1996] Aoyama Spiral / Harajyuku Quest, Tokyo
1997 [The 14th Yamatane Museum of Art Prize Exhibition] Yamatane Museum of Art, Tokyo
['97 Taogu Asia Arts Exhibition] Taogu /South Korea
1998 [International Young Art 1998 Sotheby's] Israel
1999 [The New NIHONGA Traditional] Dillon Gallery, NewYork /U.S.A
2002 [Keisho] Kouzome Art Gallery, Tokyo('03.'04)
2006 [The 4th Art Program Oume] Tokyo
[The 3th Higashiyama Kaii Nihonga Grand Prize Exhibition] New Otani Art Museum, Tokyo
2007 [Sanbishousya-Ueda Collection Exhibition] Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo
2008 [MOT Collection Sanbishousya-Ueda Collection Exhibition] Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
2010 [Gendai-bijyutu-do Collection Exhibition] Nerima Art Museum, Tokyo
2011 [Modern Arts History of Matsudo] Matudo Museum, Chiba
2012 [Times, Sands and Figures Exhibition] Nima Sand Museum, Shimane
2013 [Yokohama Art Museum Collection] Yokohama Art Museum, Kanagawa
[Todays Sumi Arts Exhibition] The Sato Museum, Tokyo
[ANDO SESSION-4 Sensibility Colors Exhibition] Galerie ANDO, Tokyo
2014 [ANDO SESSION-7 Dream Box Exhibition] Galerie ANDO, Tokyo

Public Collection
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, JAPAN
Nerima Art Museum,Tokyo/JAPAN
Yokohama Art Museum, Tokyo/JAPAN