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工藤 礼二郎     KUDO Reijiro


2016 Exhibition 2017 Exhibition          
2015 EXHIBITION 2012 Exhibition

  1964 Born in Osaka
  1990 Graduated from Sokei Academy of Fine Arts & Design , Plastic Arts (First price of Sokei Award)
  1991 Completed post graduate studies in Plastic Arts of Sokei Academy of Fine Arts & Design
  1996 Resident in Paris Cite International des Arts(~97)
  2002 Recipient of Holbein Scholarship

One Person Exhibitions
  1992 G・ART GALLERY,Tokyo
  1994 G・ART GALLERY,Tokyo
  1995 Gallery Gen, Tokyo
  1997 Cite International des Arts,Salle Edouard Sandoz , Paris
  1998 Galeria Rasen, Tokyo
      Gallery Taga, Tokyo
      Gallery Gen, Tokyo
  1999 Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2000 Trattoria La Vaso, Tokyo
      Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2001 GALLERY SOL (東京)
  2003 Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2005 Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2006 Gallery Gen, Tokyo
      Fuji Gallery, Osaka
  2007 Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2009 Galerie Ando, Tokyo
  2012 Galerie Ando, Tokyo

Group Exhibitions
 1991  ”J-Exhibition”, the Museum of Modern Art Saitama(~96)
      ”Spinning Square”, Gallery 21+yo, Tokyo
 1993  ”Trinity Exhibition”, Art Space 88, Tokyo
 1996  ”Flowers for Mururoa Project”, Galeria RASEN, Tokyo
 1997  ”Atelier Collectiv”, Paris Cite International des Arts, Paris
 1998  ”Collection of Tatsutoshi KAWAMURA - The beautiful world spreaded from John Cage -” ,  
       Junshinn Gallery, Tokyo
       ”8 modern Artists”, Ginza Inoue Gallery, Tokyo
 2000  ”Rasen Selection 2000”, Galeria RASEN, Tokyo (~'06)
 2001  ”Appeared ・ Disappeared Image”, Tommy Gallery, Tokyo
     ”Exhibition-Trace”, Gallery Sol, Tokyo
 2002  ”Thinking about the matter below the surface”, Makii Masaru Fine Arts, Tokyo
 2003  ”Various Undulation”, 23 Gallery, Tokyo
 2005 GAW, Shinjuku Golden gai, Tokyo
 2007 Crossing, The Museum of Kyoto, Kyoto
 2008 Adventurers on the Surface 2008, Gallery Ishida,Tokyo
 2009 Adventurers on the Surface 2009, exhibit Live & Moris Gallery, Tokyo
 2009 Art in Sympthy,Ningyocho Vision's, Tokyo